Virtual Forest - A Game for Dementia Sufferers

The Forest Project (working title) will be a form of sensory therapy for people living with dementia, which aims to engage the senses in different ways to prevent boredom and stagnation.

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Free to Play

Free to Play, a feature-length documentary on professional gaming, was released this week.

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Epic Citadel - Next Generation Web3D

Epic Citadel HTML5 is a tech demo showcasing what is possible to create using web technology in 2014. Produced originally in 2010 as a demo of Epic's popular game engine Unreal 3, Epic have now teamed up with Mozilla to publish the demo on the web.

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ACO VIRTUAL at the Melbourne Recital Centre

ACO VIRTUAL is open to the public at the Melbourne Recital Centre this week.

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ACO VIRTUAL a Finalist for AIMIA Awards

We're excited to announce that ACO VIRTUAL has been nominated for an AIMIA Award!

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